Services We Offer

So many details. So much to do.
Let us help.

What services are you in need of?

There is a lot to think about and oversee/manage when organizing, downsizing and moving.

Some clients ask us to handle everything, start to finish. Others need assistance and support with just some of the puzzle pieces. Either way, New Chapter Transitions partners with other reliable professionals, so we can provide full service and support you every step of the way throughout the process.

No project is too big or too small.

We can assist with any or all of these services:

Get a one hour consultation free in the comfort of your own home.

In Home Consultation

We provide a free one-hour consultation at the home. We assess the contents, review your needs and discuss your wishes. We will then provide an estimate and timeline.

Declutter | Sort | Organize | Downsize

This process can be emotional and time consuming. We are there to support you, keep on task and coach you with any tough decisions. We will make it as stress-free and easy as possible.

Space Plan | Decorate | Repurpose Items

Whether downsizing and moving to a new home or organizing and rightsizing for aging in place in your current home, we can share ideas and solutions to make your new space beautiful and easy to manage.

Find Your Next Home Sweet Home

When searching for your next home, there are many factors to consider. Are you looking for just a smaller home? Or considering a retirement living community? Depending on your needs and wishes, our partners will help you find the ideal home for you or your loved one.

Stage Home for Sale | Sell Home

We work with the best of the best in the business and will introduce you to a suitable realtor who is well-versed with the current market and location to yield you the best price for your home.

Clear | Clean Out Home | Estate

We don’t realize just how much has accumulated until faced with moving it. We remove the remaining items (see Donate / Recycle) and clean and prep the home to sell or for the next resident.

Pack | Manage Move | Unpack | Set Up

We can assist with packing or we can step in and do all the packing for you. We can supply all the materials to make the move simple and easy.

We have fabulous movers to transport your valuables to your new home. Once everything has arrived, we can unpack and set up your new place to look like your previous home or you may like to give us creative license and we can decorate the new space with your belongings for a new feel and fresh start.

Donate | Recycle | Estate Sale | Resale Items

We help you sort the items and categorize them as: keep, gift, donate, *resell or recycle. And if you like, we are happy to take care of distributing the items.

*We can recommend several avenues to resell items of value or we can resell select items for you for a percentage of the sale price. Pricing is based on market value vs. perceived value.