Client Testimonial

Vicky K.

Project Overview: Clients had completed a cross country move, only to find themselves within a year having to move cross country again to a much smaller home and with a much smaller budget.

Vicki's Before

Vicki's After

She offers:

  • sage advice
  • organizational techniques
  • accountability
  • purging tips
  • weighing the value of belongings
  • estate sale planning and promotion
  • packing tips and cost saving ideas

Our thoughts on the outcome:

  • less burdened
  • a fresh new beginning
  • less effort to maintain “stuff”
  • I now know where everything is and what I have—easier!
  • I now carefully consider what I bring into my home and I’m even saving money because of that awareness.
  • I didn’t even know I had that much stuff—unnecessary stuff.

Sarah is a natural organizer and encouraged me to break down overwhelming tasks into much smaller tasks so I could realize successes daily.  She has great people skills and is kind, yet a task master (she can bring you back to reality when struggling with letting go of something). She balances tough love with understanding and humor and offers no judgement; she’s there to help you reach your goals.

More importantly, we were able to fit all our belongings in our new 1000 sq ft apartment. Huge relief! Sarah helped me detach from my possessions in a caring yet realistic way. I can still hear her sage questions as she guided me toward tough decisions. Although it was a tough process at first…by the end I was eagerly letting go of things. Now I realize that owning stuff, however beautiful or meaningful at one time, took a financial and emotional toll. We are now free to enjoy our upcoming retirement.


Sandy D.

Sandy D.

New Chapter Transitions is fantastic! [Sarah is] …a joy with which to work. I learned a lot … I only wish I had known this over 50 years ago!

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Bob D.

Bob D.

Created a clear vision of what the “end-product” would be and even provided decorating suggestions to create a wonderful result… Thank you, Sarah!

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